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Happy Holidays: Here's Some #Content

Can You Now Be Fired For Openly Discussing Biology In Britain?

Here's A British Employment-Law Expert's Take On The Maya Forstater Controversy

On Sex Differences And Neglected Tradeoffs

Overconfident Male Scientists, Underperforming SAT-Takers, And The Risk Of Attributing To Local Bias That Which Structural Bias Can Explain

How Many People Actually Hate The Peloton Ad? Or: Oh My God Am I Really Devoting A Newsletter To The Peloton Ad?

On Billy Dee Williams And Gender Identity

Kamala Harris Is Out And The Identitarians Have Strong Feelings About Her Departure 

Ask Me Anything, Forever

Telling Someone To Ditch Their Family Over Trump Reeks Of Unexamined Privilege

The First Annual Singal-Minded For-Entertainment-Purposes-Only Nonpartisan Guide To Resolving Thanksgiving Family Drama And Aggressively Neutering The Personalities Of Difficult Loved Ones

The Mind-Reading Style In Film Criticism

The Mind-Reading Style In Film Criticism (Unlocked)

Win A Copy Of "American Resistance," A Book About, Well, American Resistance

Three More Gender-Dysphoria Stories, Three More Sources Of Misinformation

Three More Gender-Dysphoria Stories, Three More Sources Of Misinformation

This Potentially Society-Destroying Party Game Blew My Mind And You Should Play It

Some Lingering Thoughts On Cancellation, Whatever That Is

This Book About Knowing Our Cognitive Limits Is Fantastic And I Have Copies To Give Away

I Am Becoming Addicted To Getting Angry At Terrible Anti-Free-Speech Arguments

On White Progressive Solipsism

This Salman Rushdie Story Is So Good I Want To Marry It

Belief, Identity, Bias, And The Osmium Parable (Free Version)

Belief, Identity, Bias, And The Osmium Parable

Nicole Cliffe Is A Poor Choice Of #MeToo Moral Guardian

A Michigan Town Hall Reveals The True, Paranoid Face Of Late-Stage Trumpism

Don’t Be A Gongoozler*: Win A Copy Of This Book About Obsolete Words We Should Bring Back

Is Hate Speech Like A Greenhouse Gas?

Ask Me Anything, Round 6

LGBT People Deserve Accurate Information From LGBT Organizations

A Followup Point About Narcissism In Journalism 

This Book Of Haikus About The Elements Is Cool And I Have Three Copies To Give Away To You

Impeaching Trump Shouldn’t Be Complicated, But It Is, Because Our Country Is Pretty Broken

On "Cancel Culture," The New Republic, And Slalom Punditry

It's Immoral To Tell American Trans Women They Face A Murder Epidemic

On Trauma And Sexual Assault And The Fuzziness Of Language

I'll See You Guys Tomorrow

Readers Respond To My Article About Dave Chappelle And Elite Wokery

This Tweet About A Hostel Startup Captures Everything

When We Argue About Dave Chappelle, We Should Recognize That Super-Wokeness Is Mostly An Elite Phenomenon

On The Sadsack Internet Trolls Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Trumpism Is A Virus That Has Infected An Already-Weakened Host

On Genes And Intelligence And Luck And Human Decency

Please Stop Sharing This Viral But Misguided Free-Speech Comic

Please Stop Sharing This Viral But Misguided Free-Speech Comic (Unlocked)

Opioids, Weed, And The Revolutionary Temptation (Keith Humphreys)

On Class And Elitism And Democratic Socialists

I'm Calling You Out, Finno-Ugric Languages

What We Talk About When We Talk About Going To The Forest Where They Killed Everyone

Here Are Some Photos Of Art To Tide You Over Until I Write More Stuff

This Jeremy Lin Story Is Very Sad And Human

Ask Me Anything, Round 5

Guilt Trips Won't Address The Climate Crisis

Germany's Paid-Parental-Leave Policy Depresses The Hell Out Of Me

On Jeffrey Epstein And Pedophilia And Journalism And Online Outrage

The Ways In Which We Could Be Traumatizing Ourselves

Basketball, Happiness, And The Risk Of Misreading The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon (Ethan Strauss)

Hollywood Execs Must Love Misogynistic Online Trolls

Announcing Singal-Minded 2019 Summer Hours

On Video Games And Marijuana And Benefitmongering

Ask Me Anything, Round 4

What Should Psychologists Be Forced To Disclose?

It's Insane We're Having A 'Debate' Over Whether It's Acceptable To Assault A Journalist

I Have Been Thinking A Lot About This Turtle Whose Shell Says 'GOD' On It

On Louis CK And Brooklyn Bazaar And Safety Discourse

Progressive Journalism Needs Noodges

Is Power-Posing Getting A Bad Rap? (Spencer Greenberg)

Actually Let’s Not Argue About Whether They’re “Concentration Camps”

Could The Coward's Like Save Twitter? *

Hot Take: Someone Who Sends You A Death Threat On Twitter Almost Definitely Isn't Going To Try To Kill You

Why We Should Be Hopeful About Human Nature (Nicholas Christakis)

What Does It Mean To Act With Compassion Toward Someone Seeking Out Medical Treatment?

Ask Me Anything, Round 3

Why We Are Drawn To Potentially Harmful Active-Shooter School Drills

Is The Process Of Science Reporting Inherently Transphobic?

Elizabeth Warren Is Basically Bernie Sanders, But Nerdier

On White Fragility And "The Politics of Deference"

Here Is The Audio Mini-AMA I Promised You

What It's Like In "The Bad Part Of Town" (Chris Arnade)

I Owe You Guys One

Those Who Speak Out Against Cancel Culture Must Be Cancelled Immediately (Robyn Kanner)

New York City’s School Diversity And Inclusion Efforts Are Fascinatingly Weird

Why Some Americans Changed Their Minds On Gay Marriage

Identity Categories Can’t Fully Explain Abortion Beliefs

I May Have Gotten Slightly Burned This Week

Will The World Be A Better Place If Natasha Tynes’ Novel Isn’t Published?

The Threat Industrial Complex Is Coming To Kill Everyone You Love With Its Fearmongering (Michael A. Cohen)

An Important Update

Journalists Are Reporting Their Colleagues To HR For Expressing Political Opinions That Make Them Feel Unsafe (Updated)

Conservatives Are Lying About What My Atlantic Article On Gender Dysphoria Says

Singal-Minded Conversations: Is Implicit Bias Overhyped?

How An Academic Article On Violence And Religion Almost Got Unpublished For Political Reasons

Ask Me Anything, Round 2

Is It, In Fact, Time To Talk About Being White In America?

Singal-Minded: Catching-Up-On-Some-Stuff Edition

Singal-Minded Conversations: Dr. Katie Gordon On Suicide Research, The Campus Culture Wars, And Florida's Endearing Weirdness

Are People Overstating The Seriousness Of Online Harassment Against Women?

Some Leftover Thoughts On This Crazy Roxane Gay-Christina Hoff Sommers Story

Alice Robb Answers Your Questions About Dreams

Singal-Minded, The Interview: Katie Herzog

Bad-Faith Writing Is Bad

Three Arguments I, An Unapologetic Free-Speech Bro, Am Not Making About Free Speech

Ilhan Omar Got Hit With Some Conservative Offense Archaeology

There Could Be An Implicit Association Test Diversity-Training False-Feedback Loop

How The Left Can Lose The Political Battle Over Climate Change

It's Singal-Minded Mailbag Time

Ask Me Anything, Round 1

Why So Many Progressives Are Arguing That Biological Sex Doesn't Exist

Why You Should Purchase A Paid Subscription To Singal-Minded

Slate, Pete Buttigieg, And The Limited Market For Left-Wing Identitarianism

How 'Science Vs' Accidentally Invented A Gender Dysphoria Desistance Statistic

Thank You, Early Subscribers! Have Some Books

How 'Science Vs' Made Two Gender-Dysphoria Errors

How Steve Bannon Types Secretly Control Everything

Reader Mail: Linguistic Borrowing, Rightside Norms, And More

Rightside Norms, Accuracy Norms, And Internet Garbage-Fights

An Exciting New Project To Translate More Stuff Into Arabic

Is It Offensive To Use The Term "Totem Pole" Informally?

A Book Giveaway, A Pre-Announcement Announcement, And A Tweet That Haunts And Concerns Me

YA Twitter's Victims And Critics Speak Out, Part 4: The Final Part: More Emails: Almost Done Edition

YA Twitter's Victims And Critics Speak Out, Part 3: More Depressing Emails From Writers Of Color

YA Twitter's Victims And Critics Speak Out, Part 2: How (Some) Writers Of Color Are Affected

YA Twitter's Victims And Critics Speak Out, Part 1

Catching Up: Gender Dysphoria, GMOs, And More Young-Adult-Fiction Twitter Immolation

The Mind-Reading Style In American Journalism

Spreading A Scary Unverified Rumor Is A Morally Bad Act

The Risk Of Progressives Talking Over Marginalized Communities

Singal-Minded: Violent Words Edition

I Have An Idea For An Experiment

Where's the Campus-Free-Speech Crisis?

It Would Be So Easy For Liberal Outlets To Do A Better Job Covering Gender Dysphoria

Singal-Minded: Frozen Outrage Edition

Toward A Grand Unified Theory Of Social-Media Sociopathy

No-Platforming Didn’t Wreck Milo — *Milo* Wrecked Milo

There Was Some Feel-Bad Liberalism At The Victoria Women's March

Welcome To Singal-Minded: Insufferable-Navel-Gazing Edition

You Can’t Tell Someone’s Evil Just By Looking At Their Face!

Freddie deBoer Let Me Resurrect Three Of His Excellent Essays And You Should Read Them

You Narrowly Dodged My MAGATeenGhazi Take! Well, Mostly

A Great Short Paper About Prison Education, And Tell Me If You Want My Lincoln-Memorial-Mess Take

Help Me Name This Thing, Send Me Questions, And A Reader Has Some Smart Thoughts On "Feel-Bad Liberalism"

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