Introducing Blocked And Reported, A New Podcast About Internet Craziness

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Sorry for the multiple notes during what is supposed to be a lights-out March for Singal-Minded, but I wanted to let you know that a podcast I’ve been working on with my friend Katie Herzog just dropped its pilot episode.

Blocked and Reported, which was one of the reasons this has been a very hectic month for me, work-wise, is simply about internet craziness and what it can teach us about humanity. That’s it! We’re casting a wide net for a reason: There is a huge amount of fodder to be mined from the internet’s most dysfunctional communities, controversies, and people.

There’s a lot more to come, but in the first episode, which you can listen to here (coming soon to all the major podcast services, and RSS here), you’ll hear us discuss:

-Katie’s VERY SPECIAL surprise pandemic announcement

-the “Why I’m leaving the left” subgenre of internet content, including its latest high-profile iteration

-whether bad, pandemic-spreading behavior has changed our views about online shaming

-some relics of the Old Internet of our youth that have given us comfort during this new, cooped-up existence

We’re very much in the market for suggestions about subjects to discuss, or questions to answer, during future episodes. If you have either, please shoot us a note at

Enjoy! And remember that for paid subscribers, Singal-Minded will be back early next month.

(Our excellent logo was created by Mike Force, whose website is here.)

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