Apr 19, 2019 • 38M

Singal-Minded, The Interview: Katie Herzog

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Jesse Singal
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This is the first time I have ever recorded an audio interview and uploaded it to the internet! So this is very much an experiment and a work-in-progress — I am quite happy with the interview itself but naturally the production is rough around the edges. Please send me feedback, including suggestions of future interview subjects, at singalminded@gmail.com.

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Show notes:

Katie Herzog is a staff writer at The Stranger, Seattle’s alt-weekly. You can see her archive page here, follow her on Twitter here, or read “The Detransitioners: They Were Transgender, Until They Weren’t,” the (extremely good) piece that first rendered her Problematic, here. Her most recent article, “The Government Doesn't Need to Erase History. The Media Is Doing It for Them,” also mentioned in our interview, is here. Finally, Conversations With People Who Hate Me, the Dylan Marron podcast Katie did a live version of, is here. She appeared on stage with Robyn Kanner and it was great — I was very happy I got to see it and you should listen to it when it comes out.

Music: Why? - “The Vowels, Pt. 2”