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In 2023, Let’s Rediscover Wrongness

How To Be A “Heterodox” (Or Whatever) Progressive Without Going Crazy

If You're Losing Badly, You Don't Get To Make Radical Demands About The Terms Of The Debate

A New Study Highlights Just How Tightly Perceptions Of Class And Race Are Linked

Twitter Brain Syndrome Robs You Of Your Ability To Understand That Other People Actually Believe Things

Sexual Panopticon in the Kingdom of Morocco

We’ve Barely Begun To Grapple With How Unscientific Social Science Can Be

Allow Me To Add My Voice To The Chorus of Disgust Over How The Internet Talks About Mental Health

The Decline Of “On The Media” Is Very Sad And Very Illustrative

Shoddy Research Won’t Help People Who Actually Have Long Covid

Gratitude Is A Slippery Fish

Controversial Take: It’s Bad To Put Words In The Mouths Of Murder Victims

More Jews Should Visit The West Bank

Answers To Your November Questions

How I Mostly Stopped Being Scared Of Flying

A Note About This Month And A Request For AMA Questions

A Swedish Investigative Journalist Talks About The Youth Gender Medicine Scandal She Helped Uncover At One Of The World's Top Hospitals

I Fought The PayPal And I Won

Juvephilia Is Silly And Condescending

They Hate Us Because They Ain’t Us, Except They Could Be Us

“If You Disagree With Me, You Want People To Die” Is Not Going To Work On Normal Folks

An Interview With Naama Kates, Who Turned Her Fascination With Incels Into A Darkly Riveting Podcast

On Jon Stewart’s Hiring Process And The Severe Limitations Of Left-Wing Identitarianism

Motte And Grateful

I Wish The People Trying To Build A Better World Would Stop Endlessly Obsessing Over Linguistic Minutiae

Maybe It’s A Bad Idea To Give A Bunch Of Kids Double Mastectomies Without Checking Whether It Helps Them

It Isn’t Journalism’s Job To Hand-Hold People To The Correct Moral Conclusions

It Is Bad To Offer Troubled People Confident Explanations For Their Vague Problems

That New Report On Incels Is A Cherry-picked, Misleading Mess

The University of Washington Is Putting Trans Kids At Risk By Distorting Suicide Research

A Plea For Better Coverage Of Correlations

How Journalists Botched Their Coverage Of #DropKiwiFarms

How A Small, Conservative Campus Paper Did A Better Job Covering The BYU Volleyball Incident Than “The New York Times”

Against Detached Entitlement In Liberal Intellectual Spaces

It Is Bad To Alter Or Retract Published Research That Has No Factual Errors, Even If You Are Doing It “For Social Justice”

We, Or At Least I, So Badly Need To Rediscover The Lost Art Of Ignoring Stuff

If You Believe In Structural Racism, You Believe In Pipeline Problems (Unlocked)

We Have A Major Problem With Potemkin Science

Above All Else, These Men Are Exploitative Grifters

Party Battle Maiden

Aren’t You Giving The Conservative SCOTUS Justices Too Much Credit If You Think They “Have To” Overturn Obergefell And/Or Lawrence?

The New Study On Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria Published In “Pediatrics” Is Genuinely Worthless

Check Here For Racial Oppression

Toward A More Realistic Understanding Of How Power Works In Liberal Institutions

Is There A Right Way To Interview Someone Like Alex Jones?

Here’s A Fairly Subtle Way Researchers Exaggerate The Evidence For Their Ideas

An Attempt To Accurately Explain The Viral Controversy Over The Leon County, Florida School System’s Policy On Trans Kids

Finally, A Bunch Of Geniuses Combined Radical Anti-Abortion Policies With Cartoonishly Bad Social Science

Privileged, Highly Educated People Are Rapidly Colonizing The Racial-Justice Conversation (Unlocked)

On Rashida Tlaib And Chase Strangio’s Ridiculous, Bad-Faith Attack On The New York Times (Updated)

The Reductio Ad Absurdum Of Outgroup Whataboutism

The Legal Equivalent Of A Potted Plant

Who Gets To Be A Criminal Versus A Victim Versus A Human?

Answers To Your June Questions

It’s Bad To Ignore Race, But It’s Also Bad To Assume It Explains Everything

The Heritage Foundation’s Paper On Puberty Blockers And Hormones Is Quite Bad

Ask Me Anything And A Quick Note On Yesterday's Post

I Would Like To Thank Not Only David Roberts, But All The David Robertses Out There

If You're Getting Harassed On Twitter And Want It To Stop, You Should Log Off For A Bit

"Science Vs" Cited Seven Studies To Argue There’s No Controversy About Giving Puberty Blockers And Hormones To Trans Youth. Let’s Read Them.

Is Cops’ Behavior Easy To Explain? Is Anyone’s?

The Buffalo Shooting Didn’t Have Much To Do With Genetics Research

Three Quick Thoughts On Guns

On Schizophrenia, Violence, And The Problem With Shallow Allyship

Elon Musk Is Making A Very Human Mistake

I Am Here Because Of Blind Dumb Luck

Am I Mad At Arcade Fire For Changing, Or At Myself For Getting Older?

It’s Crazy That Major Media Outlets Still Stealth Edit, And It Should Stop

The Phrase "Pregnant Women" Doesn't Exclude Anyone

The CRT Debate Offers Another Demonstration Of How Many Journalists Would Be More Comfortable Doing PR For Advocacy Groups

Twitter Has Almost Nothing To Do With “Marginalized People”

Good News: Everyone Who Disagrees With You Is Even Dumber Than You Thought

No One Can Explain Exactly What PJ Vogt Did Wrong, But The Point Is We Should Now Judge Him Guilty Forever

It’s Frustrating That The Campus Free Speech Conversation Remains So Stunted

A Critique Of Yesterday's New York Times Article About Substack (Updated)

A Lighthearted Dispute: Does More Sex Abuse Occur In Schools Or Catholic Churches?

One Will Be Provided

Researchers Found Puberty Blockers And Hormones Didn’t Improve Trans Kids’ Mental Health At Their Clinic. Then They Published A Study Claiming The Opposite. (Updated)

I Don’t Understand Who This Style Of Paranoid, Hectoring Writing Is For

The Invasion Of Ukraine Has Nothing To Do With American Culture War Nonsense

The Market Will Produce Endless Identities, Each More Boring Than The Last

How Not To Cover A Social Science Controversy (Updated)

Ask Me Anything, March 2022

Another Gripe With How Journalists Write About Survey Research

Ask Me Anything And A Couple Programming Notes

Too Many Public Intellectuals Sound Like Drones These Days

On LeBron James And Unskilled Intuition

Russia Has Agency Too!

Luck Is The Only Force That Controls Everything

It’s 2022 And Journalists Writing About QAnon Should Really Know What “Mischievous Responding” Is

The Downsides Of Calling Everyone You Disagree With A Fascist

Eleven Magic Words

On The Sad, Foreboding Tale Of J.D. Vance

Quick Note: You Can Now Download Callin For Android And Then Join Me For Live Conversations, Starting In Two Hours

Why You Should Hope That We’re Living In A Simulation

Outlets Should Stop Disseminating Unconfirmed Speculation About Misinformation

A Couple Announcements And A Request

It Turns Out There's Always Some Emergency Requiring Deplatforming Or Censorship

Not Everything Is About Everything

A Swedish Investigative Journalist Talks About The Youth Gender Medicine Scandal She Helped Uncover At One Of The World's Top Hospitals

Mainstream Media Outlets Keep Botching Their Coverage Of The Critical Race Theory Debate (Updated) (Unlocked)

Mainstream Media Outlets Keep Botching Their Coverage Of The Critical Race Theory Debate (Updated)

Mainstream Media Outlets Keep Botching Their Coverage Of The Critical Race Theory Debate (Updated) (Unlocked)

It's Hard To Overstate How Bad And Angry And Manipulative The Internet Is Right Now

How Detective Crashmore Dragged Me Across The Finish Line Of A Very Bad Year

Is Philosophy Anti-Fat? And Why Won't People Just Delete Their Debunked Tweets Like Decent Citizens?


People Are Mad At Patton Oswalt For The Wrong Reason