This article makes me feel unsafe! But who will I report you to? My spouse, maybe, which is myself since I just married myself. That's called 'Sologamy' and really is a thing. Look it up. Anyway, I'm the only person who exists in my reality, which is the only reality, so you don't have to worry, or do anything, or even exist.

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>I’ll be conducting interviews with the journalist Wesley Yang about his sizzling Twitter thread about the sorry present state of liberal journalism, Boston Globe columnist Michael Cohen about his new book with Micah Zenko about scaremongering foreign-policy arguments, my friend Randolph Brickey about his work as a public defender, Buck Angel about trans rights and his career as an adult film star, and Nicholas Christakis about his new book, Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society, and the campus controversy he and his wife Erika became embroiled in at Yale.

I'm curious about if there's some sort of "common knowledge" in media about podcast releases. The common knowledge on YouTube is that regularly scheduled releases is a proven, effective method of having YouTube feature your content to your subscribers, and therefore be blessed by the algorithm and the money it brings. In contrast, Netflix assumes binge-watching, with all episodes released simultaneously and consumed in succession.

Will you produce and release podcast episodes in some regular regiment, or will you release them the moment they're done (regardless of if they're produced all in rapid succession)? Is there some kind of reasoning behind it (revenue stream or viewership reasons)?

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