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I really enjoy the use of archive.is here by a journalist.

Archive.is should be used much more widely by journalists, as journalists often link to controversial material that is later deleted or edited. Screenshots are easily faked or edited, can't be text-searched with ctrl-F, but are convenient. It's good to use screenshots as something easily embedded and viewed, but I think the journalist should archive the source as well, if possible.

There's also, as in this case, the problem of journalists/editors changing live articles. This often takes place rapidly and without notice. Newsdiffs tried to solve this problem, but only tracks changes from a handful of sites. Archive.is helps solve this problem too, but obviously leaving editor's notes should be more standard practice.

I also find it amusing that GamerGate (and the KotakuInAction subreddit in particular) is legitimately one of the biggest driving forces in popularizing archive.is. In other words, Jesse Singal is an official Gamer now.

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