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I Am Begging Researchers To Follow Freshman-Level Guidance About Causal Claims

They Will Never, Ever Stop Lying About Everything, But Don't Give Them The Attention They Want

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“Why Do You Write About This Rather Than That?” Is Almost Always A Lazy And Unserious Derailing Tactic

Gender-Clinic Whistleblower Jamie Reed Has Provided A Detailed Account Of Her Most Controversial Claim, Including The Names Of Those Involved

Journalists Are Exhibiting Far Too Much Credulousness Toward Jamie Reed’s Critics

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On Scott Adams, Free Speech, And The Ongoing Obsession With The Harper’s Letter

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You Should Think Through The Positions You Hold

That Might Have Been The Strangest Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me On Twitter

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I’d Like Gretchen Felker-Martin To Stop Tweeting Violent And Sexual Things About Me (Updated)

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The New, Highly Touted Study On Hormones For Transgender Teens Doesn’t Really Tell Us Much Of Anything

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On Scientific Transparency, Researcher Degrees Of Freedom, And That NEJM Study On Youth Gender Medicine

I'm Sorry, But Lemme Make It Up To You

Some Criticisms Of Effective Altruism Are Silly And Far Too Hypothetical

On Teachers Letting Kids Transition Gender While Keeping It A Secret From Their Parents

Artificial Intelligence Is More Complicated Than “Like Humans, But Better”

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