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Why Would I Possibly Trust Bill Adair Or PolitiFact To Determine Which ‘Misinformation’ Should Be ‘Suppressed’?

It’s Almost 2024 And Doctors Are Still Misleading The Public About Youth Gender Medicine

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Your October Questions, Answered: Part 2 (Feat. Special Guest Expert Dave Weigel!)

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Your Decision To Cave To Internet Weirdos And/Or Your Youngest And Most Annoying Staffers Is Unlikely To Age Well

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This Plagiarism I Accidentally Discovered Is A Weirdly Poignant Internet Story

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The Parable Of The Friendly But Conspiratorial Lyft Driver

Your October Questions, Answered

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I Still Don’t Understand The Point Of These Arguments About Biological Sex

Is There “An Extensive Body Of Rigorous Research” Undermining The Case For Color Blindness, As Adam Grant Claimed?

Racial And Ethnic Essentialism Make Everything Worse, Israel/Palestine Edition

Not Defending Hamas Is A Very, Very Low Bar For Decent Humans To Clear

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Organizational Leaders Like Chris Anderson Should Stop Indulging Their Most Hysterical Employees

This Is The Wrong Way To Cover The Chandler Jones Story

A Longtime Colorado Gun Reform Activist Explains What Happened When Saira Rao’s Here 4 The Kids Parachuted Into Her Issue

Are Nate Silver, Nate Cohn, And Steve Kornacki “Helping To Destroy Left-Liberal Politics”?

Why Disability Advocates Are Trying to Shut Down A Policy That Benefits Disabled People

It Was Just Some Summer Slippage: Let’s Overanalyze “Mission Viejo” By Lifter Puller

On—Deep Breath—Donald Trump And “Gender Queer” And Parker Molloy And Chris Geidner And Matt Yglesias

How Can Anyone Argue That Trump Hasn’t Been Called Fascist Enough Yet?

Denying Sex Differences Doesn’t Actually Help People, Part One Million

Why Did “On The Media” Stoke The Moral Panic Against Innocent New York Times Journalists Rather Than Investigate It?

I Have To Admit I Still Don't Fully Understand Why You Can't Change Your Race

Of Course The Sea Lion Is Right

Some Brief Thoughts On The Journal ‘Addiction’ And The Euphemism Treadmill

Why So Many People Told Me To Kill Myself This Weekend

Of Course DEI Programming Should Be Seen As Psychological Interventions And Held To The Appropriate Standards

This Is A Low Bar For Alzheimer’s Researchers To Trip Over

The “Traditional” Liberal Concept Of Gender Seems Worth Saving

So It Looks Like Psychedelics Research Is A Big Mess

Most Solutions To Most Forms Of Internet Harassment Would Do More Harm Than Good

On RFK Jr., Debate, And Persuasion

Academia Seems Much Better At Producing Derailing Tactics Than Actual Arguments

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Huh, So It Turns Out That Study That Seemed Too Good To Be True Was. . . Too Good To Be True?

Actually, Logic Is Super Important

Do You Want Alex Joneses? Because That’s How You Get Alex Joneses

"Here 4 the Kids" Smells Like A Very 2023 Racial Ablution Grift

The Police-Abolition Zombie Shambles On

On Alex Goldman Calling For Matt Yglesias To Be Bullied Off Twitter

The Time I Briefly Clung To The Bottom Millimeter Of The Bottom Rung Of ‘The Onion’

Americans Don’t Mind Hearing And Learning About Racism — They Just Don’t Like The Weird And Religiously Tinged Way Educated Liberals Talk About It

A Critique Of Scientific American’s Recent Article, “What Are Puberty Blockers, and How Do They Work?”

Why You Should Try Not To ‘Theyify’ Your Perceived Ideological Enemies

Why Everyone Should Know The Story Of Lucia de Berk

A Random Gripe About Scary-Seeming Aviation Coverage

On Alejandra Caraballo vs. Benjamin Ryan vs. Steven Thrasher

It Annoys Me The Way The Hours Fill With Crap

DJ at Law

Here’s More Evidence That Youth Gender Medicine Researchers Might Be Hiding Unfavorable Data From The Public

Oh Look, An Article About Economic Opportunity That Is Actually Good And Thoughtful

Your Questions, Answered: Therapy, Whether Jon Stewart Ruined Political Discourse, And, As Always, Youth Gender Medicine Stuff

I Am Begging Researchers To Follow Freshman-Level Guidance About Causal Claims

They Will Never, Ever Stop Lying About Everything, But Don't Give Them The Attention They Want

Time For A Twitter Break

“Why Do You Write About This Rather Than That?” Is Almost Always A Lazy And Unserious Derailing Tactic

Gender-Clinic Whistleblower Jamie Reed Has Provided A Detailed Account Of Her Most Controversial Claim, Including The Names Of Those Involved

Journalists Are Exhibiting Far Too Much Credulousness Toward Jamie Reed’s Critics

BONUS: Here's My Interview On "House of Strauss"

On Scott Adams, Free Speech, And The Ongoing Obsession With The Harper’s Letter

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You Should Think Through The Positions You Hold

That Might Have Been The Strangest Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me On Twitter

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I’d Like Gretchen Felker-Martin To Stop Tweeting Violent And Sexual Things About Me (Updated)

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The New, Highly Touted Study On Hormones For Transgender Teens Doesn’t Really Tell Us Much Of Anything

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On Scientific Transparency, Researcher Degrees Of Freedom, And That NEJM Study On Youth Gender Medicine (Updated)

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Some Criticisms Of Effective Altruism Are Silly And Far Too Hypothetical

On Teachers Letting Kids Transition Gender While Keeping It A Secret From Their Parents

Artificial Intelligence Is More Complicated Than “Like Humans, But Better”

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Vaccine Hysteria Is Getting So Bad, And Fighting It Feels So Futile

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